At La Patrona Polo & Equestrian Club, we are pleased to be the newest player in the tourism market in this special part of Mexico, San Francisco (San Pancho) Nayarit. Our goal is to promote polo and other equestrian activities at the highest level. In a small valley, divided by a creek and surrounded by palm groves and virgin jungle, we have found the ideal location for La Patrona Polo & Equestrian Club’s innovative design, which places a strong emphasis on sustainability and respect for the environment.


La Patrona Polo & Equestrian Club is a marvelous new place to experience polo. Its world-class infrastructure will allow the club to be incorporated into the international circuit and to promote interaction with other clubs and their professionals. Our goal is to train a new generation of polo players and in particular to promote women’s polo in a competitive learning environment, with the support of the Mexican Polo Federation.


With a cutting-edge design incorporating the recommendations of Alejandro Battro, La Patrona Polo & Equestrian Club allows players to experience the intensity of polo with:

– Two professional polo fields (ideal for polo opens)

– One indoor polo arena

– A junior practice field


The club also offers comfortable stables with boxes, bathrooms, changing rooms, saddlery, a common area and private patios.

Equestrian Activities

Besides our polo facilities, we also have three meadows and offer comprehensive classes on a variety of equestrian disciplines, such as riding, classical dressage, jumping, vaulting and combined driving, which are all offered as athletic, recreational and touristic activities. As a complementary service, La Patrona Polo & Equestrian Club also offers equinotherapy services to area residents.

Along with our equestrian classes and clinics, we organize jumping, dressage and combined driving competitions and exhibitions. As a complementary service, we also organize horseback rides, rent horses and carriages and offer equinotherapy services to the visitors to La Patrona Polo & Equestrian Club.


Starting in October 2016, La Patrona Polo & Equestrian Club will be organizing a variety of equestrian events for its clients. These competitions and exhibitions will range from jumping to basic and natural dressage

Source: La Patrona